Berdychivske is one of the oldest Ukrainian beers. The locals have been drinking it since 1864.

We started our work on Berdychivske in 2017. The beer had a really good taste and a really bad design, that ruined the impression. When a man wanted a bottle after a hard day, he usually put in his shopping cart something cooler, with a modern label. Berdychivske didn’t want to be the last one on the shelf, and it was ready to change. 

We have created the beer that doesn't look like the beer. No spikelets, hops or other cliche symbols. It was a new approach, and it worked. 

Brewery is the integral part of Berdychiv city. A new logo was stylized to look like a tower from its coat of arms. 

Now Berdychivske beer is seen on the shelf from a very very long distance, and its good design matches its good taste.